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Post  @B__Marco on Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:23 am

@MJonlineteam To Mr. Branca:

So, let me see here, Two auctions :

(a) Bush's fraudulently signed costumes auction ;

(b) pepsi's medical documents auction

- What the above had in common ?

The estate claiming that they did not own the items auctioned

- Which were the actions taken by the estate ?

Despite Mr. Branca claiming that
" These items are the property of the people who are offering them up for auction, and as such, the Estate is not in a position to stop the selling of said items" , Strangely, Pepsi's medical documents auction was stopped but not Mr. Bush's auction , despite Mr. Bush's auction was a fraud...and legally it would have been so easy to stop this auction to happen.

How convenient for Branca to just look on the other side on Bush's auction .... Was it because Bush's auction and "MJ's will" have in common fraudulent signatures, a topic that Mr. Branca has no interest to touch ?

1) an estate has to be sure that whoever has Mj items in their hands have them because MJ wanted it that way and they are entitled to have them.

Did the estate ever looked into weather or not Mr. Bush was really entitle to have those items and sell them ?

2) an estate has to be sure that whoever has MJ's items, do not commit a fraud using Mj 's name and brand , falsifying signatures, counterfeiting items, releasing fake songs ecc.

Job's estate is to preserve MJ's art authenticity , being on top of things, not to help depricing MJ's art !!

How "nice" (sarcastic) is that Mr. Branca "wrote the foreword for Bush's book, and the Estate consented to the use of photos in the book because of Bush’s history working with MJ", not knowing that a fraud was being committed by Bush ?

Mr. Branca clearly showed us once again that he is incompetent and not in good faith in everything he does.

Branca's estate is even more fraudulent than Bush 's auction .
It would be "risky" "having a fraudulent entity report any fraudulent activity committed by others especially when the fraudulent action that needs to be reported is based on the same fraudulent auction that was committed to create the estate itself #MJFAKESIGNATURE

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