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Michael Always Took The High Road Empty Michael Always Took The High Road

Post  Susan on Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:55 pm

When people bullied Michael he responded with dignity. When those around him made up their own rules so they could lie, cheat and steal from him, how did he respond? He took the high road, stayed within his integrity and asked them to leave. When he lost trust, he did not reach out in anger, instead he walked away from those who betrayed him. He never went out of his way to destroy or get back at anyone. He always took the high road. This is a strong lesson and example for all of us - a reminder that we also should always take the high road.

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Michael Always Took The High Road Empty Re: Michael Always Took The High Road

Post  MJnotes on Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:01 am

beautifully said, Susan - and wise words, too.

i wouldn't want to be in his shoes. day in and day out, he was battered by the press. for most of his career life, i think he was hurting emotionally because they made fun of him and mocked him, no matter what he did. their criticisms were often scathing. he would say that they didn't have to do that; he was not a threat, and all he wanted to do was share the love principally through his music, afford people some form of escapism through his art. he'd do something good, and there would always be "some jerk, some mean-spirited person" who would ruin it for him. and he did notice that purported scandals would see print just when he was about to release a new project.

and yet despite all the hate thrown his way, he went on to hold a Guinness record for being the celebrity who supported the most charities.

sometimes, i wonder how his songs would have evolved if media had been more kind. although HIStory produced some of his most personal songs, i wonder if he would have made more love songs had he not been so brutally targeted. in 2009, i read an article which asked the question, "is this how we treat a National Treasure?" or something like that.

This Is It was his final vindication, though. for me, there couldn't have been a better final vehicle that could show the real Michael - kind and considerate, and despite his global megastar status, still humble. he showed the world that till the end, he was the Maestro, the master of his craft.

to end, i would repeat - i would never have wanted to be in his shoes. i wouldn't have been able to handle all the stress as gracefully as he did. and for that, this Man deserves my utmost respect.

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