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Post  marcelamezzina on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:49 pm

"I respect the secrets and magic of nature. That'swhat makes me so angry when I see these things that are happening in our world.That every second I hear the size of a football field is torn down in theAmazon. I mean, that kind of stuff really bothers me. That's why I write thesekinds of songs. You know, to give some sense of awareness and awakening andhope to people. I love...I love the planet. I love trees. I have this thing fortrees. And the colours and the changing of leaves. I loove it! And I respectthose kinds of things. I really feel that nature is trying so hard tocompensate for man's mismanagement of the planet. Cause the planet is sick.Like a fever. If we don't fix is now, it is at the point of no return. This isour last chance to fix this problem that we have. It is like a runaway train.When the time is come, this is it. People are always saying, "Oh.."they think, they'll take care of it. "The Government will do...""Done with that..." "They 'll..." They who?? It starts withus. It's US! Or else it will never be done. We have four years to get it right.After that it would be irreversible. Let's take care of the planet!” ~ MichaelJackson - This Is It - 2009

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